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CDM Advisers

Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd are leading CDM Advisers and consultants in advising Clients and Principal Designers on their duties regarding the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Established in July 2000, Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have been involved in CDM as as CDM Advisers and Planning Supervisors under the CDM Regulations (CDM Regs) 1994 and as CDM Co-ordinators under CDM 2007.


As a result of over 16 years’ experience, Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have become synonymous with quality, expertise and reliability on all scales of projects. Our consultants continue to advise with an emphasis on delivering a high calibre service by using the latest techniques for design risk management. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and up-to-the-minute legislative advice while adhering to the CDM Regs 2015.