About AGA

Andrew Goddard Associates Limited was established in July 2000, acting in that time as Planning Supervisors under the original CDM Regulations 1994, then CDM Co-ordinators under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007. Due to the changes incorporated into CDM Regulations 2015, we’ve been acting as CDM Advisers to both Clients and Principal Designers to ensure they fulfil their duties. Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have acted as CDM Advisers on over 11,000 projects in the last 23 years. See our Projects page for examples.

11 consultants and 9 administrators make up the AGA team. Our consultants have a range of experience to offer in-depth advice on all your CDM concerns and regularly attend CPD training courses to keep up to date with any changes in legislation. Each consultant is a member of the APS and IOSH as a minimum. Our administration team duties include compiling information for inclusion in health and safety files, raising F10’s and issuing formal appointments. Visit the Our People page for more information regarding the AGA team.


AGA are recognised members of:


As a Corporate member of the Association for Project Safety, Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd is able to demonstrate that we have the relevant level of Skills, Knowledge and Experience to act as CDM Advisers to both Clients and Principal Designers.

The Association for Project Safety provides us with;

  • UK wide CPD provision from experts to keep up to date
  • Access to the latest advice on CDM Regulations
  • Job specific Newsletters and Practice Notes
  • Procedures based on an industry standard
  • Access to CDM Legal Advice Service and Help line
  • Model Plans and Files
  • A proven Form of Appointment


The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health was founded in 1945 when the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers (IISO) was formed as a division of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA). The Institution gained its charitable status in 1962 and continues to operate as a not-for-profit organisation. IOSH is the chartered professional body for safety and health in the workplace with 46,000 members, from over 120 countries. IOSH act as champion, supporter, adviser, advocate and trainer for those who protect the safety, health and wellbeing of others.


A public private partnership between the Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and Capita. Known as Constructionline, it is the UK’s largest register of qualified construction contractors and consultants. Constructionline included Andrew Goddard Associates on the government approved list of construction services. Andrew Goddard Associates Limited have reached the required technical, managerial and financial standards as laid down by the Construction Directorate of the (DETR).


Local authority health and safety and contract professionals, supported by the Health and Safety Executive, have developed the Contractor Health and Safety (CHAS) Assessment Scheme over recent years. It is now available for any public sector organisation to use in their pre-qualification process for contractor application for approved/select list or short-listing. Andrew Goddard Associates Limited were first approved as CHAS Accredited consultant in May 2005

For 100 years, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. The most noteworthy changes include the compulsory wearing of seat belts and the campaign to stop drink driving. Furthermore, RoSPA created the Cycling Proficiency Test and pushed for the more recent ban of handheld mobile phones behind the wheel.

RoSPA has been instrumental in shaping our society for the better. Thus preventing millions of deaths and serious injuries along the way.

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