Asbestos Awareness

Under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012, anyone who works with or may come into contact with asbestos as part of their job must be trained and hold a valid, in date asbestos awareness certificate. Exposure to asbestos can have sever health effects and even fatal diseases including asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis, each of which can develop over a number of years after exposure. Due to its fire stopping and noise cancelling properties, asbestos was widely used in construction throughout the UK. Despite being banned in the late 1990s, Health and Safety Executive research shows that asbestos still kills around 5000 workers each year. This e-learning course has been designed to provide workers who could potentially be exposed to asbestos with a broad understanding of the risks, the health effects, types of asbestos and the procedures in the event of exposure.

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UKATA Asbestos Awareness      UKATA Asbestos Awareness

This course covers:

The legal obligations under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012

Emergency procedures in the event of exposure to asbestos

The risks associated with Asbestos

The different types and uses of Asbestos

The properties of asbestos and the health effect on workers

How to avoid the risk of exposure to Asbestos

[spacer height=”20px”]Training Outcomes:

Understand the properties of Asbestos

Be able to identify the health effects as a result of exposure to Asbestos

Understand the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012

Identify the common uses, types and locations of Asbestos

Identify suitable emergency procedures concerning exposure to Asbestos

[spacer height=”20px”]You do not require any previous training before starting this e-learning course. It should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete and will issue you with a certificate on the successful completion of the resulting exam.



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