Client CDM Advisers

Client CDM Advisers

Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd are leading consultants in advising both Domestic and Commercial Clients of their duties regarding the CDM Regulations 2015. Since the changes to the regulations, there is a much greater imperative for clients to address health and safety issues. The changes to the regulations increase the client’s accountability for the impact their decisions have on any health, safety and welfare arrangements in their project.  As CDM Advisers, we can help you ensure that you are exceeding the regulatory requirements while adding real value to your project.

Established in July 2000, Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have been involved as CDM Advisers and Planning Supervisors under the CDM Regulations 1994 and as CDM Coordinators under CDM 2007. Our consultants continue to advise with an emphasis on delivering a high calibre service by using the latest techniques for design risk management. We provide innovative solutions and up-to-the-minute legislative advice while adhering to the CDM Regulations 2015.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive and robust service for Clients in fulfilling their duties under CDM 2015 Regulations. We are committed to an excellent client/customer service delivering a prompt service to a very high standard and ensuring that legal obligations are met. Our Client Adviser service involves monitoring, recording and reporting to our client to reassure them that all parties are meeting the requirements.

Our Client Adviser Service includes:

  • Ensuring that appointed Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are complying with their duties
  • Raising and managing the F10 notification for notifiable projects
  • Ensuring that a Construction Phase Plan is in place
  • Provision of health and safety advice on complex projects and situations
  • Dealing any with incidents and accidents on your project
  • We can also carry out regular Inspections on your site to promote a positive Health and Safety culture

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