The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Overview)

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 there are 7 duty holders in Construction including the Client, Principal Designer, Designers, Principal Contractors and workers. The main 3 being the Client, Principal Designer, and the Principal Contractor. These duty holders are accountable for the consideration and management of health and safety on construction sites. The aim of the Regulations is to manage foreseeable risks, minimise the risk of serious injuries and workplace fatalities on construction sites. Strong leadership and management, effective business processes and a trained workforce are all vital in promoting a positive health and safety culture.

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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Overview)     The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Overview)

This course covers:

An introduction to the CDM Regulations 2015

An overview of the duty holders and their legal requirements under the CDM Regulations 2015


The principals of the regulations and their purpose in managing health and safety

Effective planning and preparation

[spacer height=”20px”]Training Outcomes:

Understand the principles of CDM in relation to health and safety in design

Understand your role as a legal duty holder

Recognise the links between CDM and current UK health and safety legislation

Implement the roles of the principal designer and designer under CDM

Identify and prepare the relevant documentation required by your duties

[spacer height=”20px”]You do not require any previous training before starting this e-learning course. It should take no longer than 35 minutes to complete and will issue you with a certificate on the successful completion of the resulting exam.



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