Construction Phase Plans

Fully Compliant Construction Phase Plan Systems

The construction phase plan is a document that records how health and safety will be managed for the construction phase. It is the basis for communicating to all those involved in the construction phase of the project. Therefore, it should be easy to understand and as simple as possible. After much consultation with site managers across our ongoing projects, we offer a service to assist Principal Contractors in producing Construction Site Inspections and health and safety management systems.

Our Health and Safety Management System enables the site manager to fully comply with the requirements that Principal Contractors face as per the CDM Regulations 2015. Once appointed, our Health and Safety Consultants will liaise with the Principal Contractor and Principal Designer to obtain Pre-Construction Information and other relevant information to enable them to build the Construction Site Plan.

Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd ensures the Construction Phase Plan is:

  • Proportionate to the size and nature of the work, and the risks involved.
  • Workable and realistic.
  • Sufficiently developed to allow work to start on site.
  • Regularly reviewed and added to as new contractors start.

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Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan Image