Fall Prevention – Working at Height

Under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, employees must ensure that employees have adequate information and training before carrying out any works at height including fall prevention. This course will instruct both employers and employees to better comply with these regulations and to ensure employees have the skills and knowledge to carry out their works safely. These regulations put legal duties on employers and employees to assess, control and minimise the level of risk and hazards associated with working at height and to consider fall prevention. This course is intended to instruct both employees and employers to better identify the hazards associated with working at height, and the appropriate control measures to mitigate the risk.

You can download a leaflet about this fall prevention course here.[spacer height=”20px”]

Falls Prevention - Working at Height    Falls Prevention - Working at Height

What does the course cover:

The Work at Height Regulations 2005

Assessing the risk

Reducing and controlling risks

Applying control measures and safe working practices

[spacer height=”20px”]Training Outcomes:

Awareness of current legislation relating to working at height

Be able to identify different access equipment and the safe use of each

Know how to carry out a risk assessment

[spacer height=”20px”]You do not require any previous training before starting this e-learning course. It should take no longer than 35 minutes to complete and will issue you with a certificate on the successful completion of the resulting exam.


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