Principal Designer Advisers

Principal Designer Advisers

A Principal Designer is the designer with control over the Pre-Construction Phase of the project and must be appointed on all construction projects where there is more than one contractor. Using the general principals of prevention, the Principal Designer’s work should focus on ensuring the design work in the Pre-Construction phase contributes to the delivery of positive health and safety outcomes. Appointing the Principal Designer early will provide the client with help in matters such as pulling together the Pre-Construction Information and giving the Principal Designer enough time to carry out their duties.

The Principal Designer can be an organisation or an individual that has:

a) The technical knowledge of the construction industry relevant to the project

b) The skills, knowledge and experience to understand, manage and coordinate the Pre-Construction phase, including any design work carried out after construction begins.

Design decisions made during the Pre-Construction phase have a significant influence in ensuring the project is delivered in a way that secures the health and safety of everyone affected by the work.

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health the Pre-Construction Phase. They must take account of relevant information that might affect design work carried out before and after the construction phase has started
  • Help and advise the client in bringing together Pre-Construction Information, and provide the information designers and contractors need to carry out their duties
  • Work with other designers on the project to eliminate foreseeable risks to anyone affected by the work and, where that is not possible, reduce or control those risks
  • Ensure that everyone involved in the Pre-Construction Phase communicates and cooperates, coordinating their work wherever required
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor, keeping them informed of any risks that need to be controlled during the construction phase

. Whilst the role of the Principal Designer Adviser is not outlined in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, it is a service we offer to aid in managing design risks and in applying the general principals of prevention.

Our Principal Designer Adviser Service Includes:

  • Cooperating with any other person working on or in relation to a project at the same or on an adjoining construction site
  • Compiling the Pre-Construction Information document using information available or reasonably attainable to identify potential risks associate with the site and proposed works
  • Ensuring all designers comply with their duties
  • Cooperating with and ensure that all persons working in relation to the pre-construction phase cooperate with the Client, the Principal Designer and each other
  • Share with the principal contractor information relevant to the planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase
  • During the Pre-Construction phase prepare a health and safety file
  • Ensuring that the health and safety file is appropriately reviewed, updated and revised

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