Fire Safety

Since the Introduction of the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order of 2005, it is vital that an employer and their staff are fully updated with the hazards and risks associated with fire safety and fire evacuation training. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all workplaces and requires employers to provide adequate training in fire awareness for all members of their staff regardless of the number of employees employed. This course is aimed at all employees to assist them in identifying and reducing the risk that fire presents in the workplace and it is a cost-effective way for employers to fulfil their legal obligation to provide their employees with the necessary understanding of fire awareness.

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This course covers:

The fire triangle

Common fuel and ignition sources

Common oxygen sources

The importance of maintaining a good standard of house keeping

Fire signage and information

Assembly/Muster points

Action to take in the event of discovering a fire

The types and suitability of Fire extinguishers

[spacer height=”20px”]Training Outcomes:

An understanding of the key legislation involving fire safety

The legal requirement for workplace safety

An understanding of the different types of fire and what the causes may be

An understanding of what fire extinguishers to use

[spacer height=”20px”]You do not require any previous training before starting this e-learning course. It should take no longer than 40 minutes to complete and will issue you with a certificate on the successful completion of the resulting exam.


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