Legionella Awareness

Legionella is bacteria, which can lead to long term health problems and even death, which is spread through aerosol producing systems such as air conditioning units. The Health And Safety at Work Act (HASWA 1974) puts a legal onus on companies and building owners to manage such risks as legionella. Employers must enter that employees have the training and information required to avoid exposure to legionella bacteria and to apply suitable control measures. This course outlines the potential risks associated with water systems, how they can be controlled safely through monitoring and maintenance and the health risks associated with Legionella.

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Legionella awareness    Legionella awareness

This course covers:

An introduction to Legionella

The health risks associated with Legionella

Your legal requirement to manage exposure

Main risks and assessments

Water system monitoring

Control measures

Emergency procedures

[spacer height=”20px”]Training Outcomes:

Understand the Legionella bacteria

Identify potential exposure risks

Understand the health risks of Legionella

Implement control measures to limit exposure to potential risks

Understand the legal obligations in relation to Legionella

[spacer height=”20px”]You do not require any previous training before starting this e-learning course. It should take no longer than 40 minutes to complete and will issue you with a certificate on the successful completion of the resulting exam.


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